Friday, 20 September 2013

RasPi and a 13 Port Hub: What Would You Do?

My recent acquisition of a 13 port hub to work with my Raspberry Pi got me to thinking, what could be done with it?

Sure, I'm intending to work with it to develop some energy and cost efficient #media_centre options, but my mind has been ticking over what other options it could be used for - with the two devices combined, that provides a total of 14 USB ports.  With the combination of an #Arduino kit or two, it could be rigged up with motion sensors, then when activity is detected by the Arduino sensor nodes, it could wake up a number of web cams to record the activity.  Possibly useful as security for a small office or apartment.  You could have an array of 4 +Arduino sensor suites, and 7 web cams attached.  The remaining two ports (remember the Pi is drawing its power from one port) could be used for an external HDD to save the footage to, and a wireless Broadband modem - so that when activity is detected it can contact you and provide footage on demand.

So, I am looking for some inventive ideas please.

I'll kick off the party with my own idea - this one is less serious and more fun.

1. The Venus Pi Trap
3 x Arduino controlled sensor arrays - each array has motion and distance sensors
1 x Raspberry Pi
1 x 13 port hub
10 x USB missile launchers

Write a customised app for controlling the sensor arrays and the missile launchers.  The app interprets the motion and distance data from the sensors to triangulate on the motion, and in turn aim the USB missile launchers, then fire.  Surprise your family and friends! Slaughter your siblings in a hail of rubber missiles! Teach the cat that the corner of the room is not its litter tray!  If you think a battery of 10 missile launchers is overkill, just replace one or two of the launchers with web cams - capture the carnage forever.  Shock and Awe!.