Sunday, 2 September 2012

Passion, Creativity and Opportunity

I have a passion for conceptualising systems, I have a yearning to be creative, and Raspberry Pi is my opportunity!

Welcome to my new blog, which I am dedicating to my adventures in the world of Raspberry Pi.

For the last four months I've been reading articles about these new fan-dangled Raspberry Pi devices.  Wow! At first, they looked cool.  I wanted one.  Then a work colleague revealed that he had ordered some, but was waiting due to supply issues.  As the weeks went by I saw more articles, and I could feel this great potential around the devices.  As a professional software engineer, I was in awe of what this device would do the PC and the IT world in general.  I had to have one.  I had to make it mine!

The possibilities for this device are phenomenal.  You could see it fitting into the hands of a surgeon in your local A&E (that's the ER for anyone in the US).  It has educational possibilities.  You might see one in the hands of a farmer or grazier.  You might even end up seeing them strapped to the forearms of troops on the battlefield.

But humanity has already developed many devices that fit into these areas.  For example, one idea I had was for a touch-screen unit that could be used for exhibitions and displays in galleries and museums - then my wife alerted me to the fact that many institutions are already using mobile-phone sized units.  So here-in is my first and foremost challenge for this project - I can either aim to 'remake the wheel', in which case I need to make it better than it has ever been made before - or, I can try to find that leap ahead and create something that hasn't been done before.  There will be plenty of other challenges, but this will be the keystone.

Obviously, this is not a challenge that I am immediately going to overcome.  Part of determining what will come will be the journey of learning this new device and its capabilities.  So my project has a direction, but no definite destination.  Hence the name of this blog refers to the laid-back approach to life of a Rastafarian.

So, with this in mind, last Wednesday I lodged my order with the good people at Element14 for 2 Raspberry Pis.  I can't wait to get hold of them!