Sunday, 9 December 2012

Build on Stability

Tried in the last few days to get a CUPS server up and running on and Arch Linux base.  My rationale was simple - Arch Linux is a 'bare bones' distro - excellent, this will help it to be only as big as is needed.

Got the RPi up and working no problems.  Tried to get CUPS on to it - problems abound.  Apart from trying to find a mirror that would accept my connection, once I had a mirror to connect to, downloading package details was easy, but downloading the package itself and installing the package kept resulting in an error.

I tried several solutions from the Arch Wiki and other forums- no luck.  Appears that the issue was on the other end - ie the package was broken, or possibly pacman itself was at fault.  Either way, enough time lost.  I'm going for a new wheezy setup for the CUPS print server.