Wednesday, 12 December 2012

This is where Windows still leads the way

The Wheezy CUPS server - should be a sinch. - Ha!

To be fair to the RasPi, setting up CUPS and the administrative framework on the Pi was easy.  No issues like those that I had with the Arch build.  From the web interface for CUPS, the test page printed nicely.

And that's where the fun stopped.  My Windows box easily connected to the printer at installation, however, every print job I sent, failed to go through.  Print the test page from the CUPS admin interface - still good.  But not able to print from another machine.

So, my Canon PIXMA MP270 was working from the CUPS interface using the Gutenprint generic drivers, but otherwise not responding.  So, time to get the Canon drivers.  Canon do drivers for Linux machines, but not those running on the ARM architecture.  I tried installing the Canon drivers on the Pi, and the failure message indicated that the drivers were not compatible with ARM.

From some further research, it appears that the HP printer drivers have been ported to ARM builds quite successfully, but the issue that I've always had with HP is that their consumables are so expensive.  And at the moment, we have a good stock of consumables for the Canon. 

So, one solution would be to buy a new HP printer - not going to happen.  This PIXMA is reliable, good quality and we've got a stack of consumables for it.

Another might be to see if I can find any evidence of some security setting or config value that is stopping the network communication with the Gutenprint drivers.